Kala Ramji Mandir

This is grade-1 ,400 old heritage temple of lord Ram. The uniqueness of this temple is that the idol of lord Ram is in the sitting posture made with black marble stone which is rare to find. This temple is an important point in 'Heritage walk of Ahmedabad'. Kala Ramji Mandir is a “ Haveli Mandir”, one portion of the building is temple and rest of the area is used for residential purpose. Since the founding of this temple the family of this temple has grown to the  current size to 80 people.

The detailed measure drawing and documentation is done by a team of Faro( Spain) students and trainee architect students. A detail report with damage assessment is ready. A very unique exercise is done to demonstrate the modern documentation techniques using the laser scanning machine by team of technicians fro Ferrara Univeristy - Italy. The results of this exercise are showing a new direction of the need to document our precious heritage across the country.