Technical Cell

The CHC ‘Technical cell’ offers restoration expertise and solutions for various problems related to the heritage properties. The team of technical cell is experienced carpenters and various artisans working in lime, stone and wood. Technical cell gives free primary advice.


The offered services are 

  1. Emergency repairs and providing accessory (support) structure to the endangered structure: As Heritage buildings are couple of hundred years old and neglected from maintenance due to it the structure becomes weak it requires immediate support structure to prevent building from collapsing and further damages as well.
  2. Measure drawings and documentation. Reports, damage assessments and estimates: This report gives detail understanding of existing problem and approx cost of restoration.
  3. Adaptive reuse along with sustainability inputs: Includes locating utilities in the building and reuse plan of the building as per character of the building which could be B&B, hostel, museum, etc.
  4. Obtaining repair permissions, preparing all documents and drawing in required formats:  Helping inner city residents to submit documents for heritage property repairing permission as per format prepared by concerned authority.
  5. Inputs for all property related laws: Apart from all technical assistance technical cell provides legal assistance related to heritage property.
  6. Restoration execution and project management. : Repairing and strengthening of critically damaged structure.