Restoration Projects

  • Mehta’s House: History to be preserved in time

    The house of Mr.Priyadarshan Mehta is located one of the well maintained pol of Ahmedabad Desai Ni Pol. The grandfather of Mr.Priyadarshanbhai Mr. Dahyabhai Mehta built this house. Mr.Dahyabhai Mehta was a lawyer and Diwan (Chief Minister) of some of the princely states that existed in India before independence. Mr. Dahyabhai used to meet distinguished visitors in this house. One of them was Swami Vivekananda. During the freedom struggle many famous national leaders, such as Gandhiji, stayed in this house. Learn more
  • House of Mr. Sunilbhai Chokshi: A heritage venture

    House of Mr. Sunilbhai Chokshi 200 yrs old, is located at Dosiwala ni pol, khadia. A small family home. Now being restored with an adaptive reuse plan of 2 studio apartments. The modern studio apartment is complicatedly planned bed space, bathroom, wardrobes, dress, small kitchen, balcony, dining, and study. The apartments are ideal for long stay. Economics to be worked on self use by new owner and rent to other users. Learn more
  • Mr Dattatray Vyas: legal battle to restore heritage.

    Mr. Vyas house is located at Pushkarna ni pol at Khadia. This is one of the most magnificent heritage building in the walled city of Ahmedabad. The beauty of wood carved façade is eye catching also metal roof design and flooring makes this building more beautiful and valuable. Learn more
  • Kala Ramji Mandir

    This is grade I 400 old heritage temple of lord Ram. The uniqueness of this temple is that the idol of lord Ram is in the sitting posture made with black marble stone which is rare to find. Apart from this brackets and façade of the building is marvelous piece of wood carving and Indian art work. Because of this temple is part of the heritage walk of Ahmedabad. Kala Ramji Mandir is a “ Haweli Mandir”. It means one portion of the building is temple and rest area is used for residential purpose. Currently in this building more than 80 people are residing. Learn more
  • Deewanji ni Haweli

    Diwanji Ni Haveli is a 250 years old traditional wooden ‘Haveli’. The origin of this magnificent heritage building traces back to Ahmedabad's Mughal Era. The architecture, intricate wooden carving, lime stucco and stonework epitomize the splendor of our Culture and Traditions. Learn more
  • French Haveli

    The French Haveli previously known as Arts Reveri is renamed by the new owner commenting the Indo-French Project. Learn more