Heritage Awareness

  • Jain Heritage Gaurav Yatra

  • Kids Heritage Walk

Heritage Walks

The city of Ahmedabad offers up to ten heritages walks giving different experiences and information. The ‘Walk Ahmedabad’ initiative seeks to establish the relationship between numbers of visitors going to the heritage walks versus Walled city revival.

The objective of creating awareness in collaboration with stakeholders of the city with help of professional heritage managers to boost the efforts of local authority and various institutes in realizing various goals of Heritage led regeneration.

Jain Heritage Walk  

Once ahmedabad was Jain holy place and jain pilgrimage used to come over here from various region of the country because of this it was know as Rajnagar. There are as many as 65 Jain derasar are located in the walled city  of Ahmedabad. Some of them are as old as city itself. City’s heritage had a very strong influence of jain architecture. We have identified 33 jain derasar which has historical and architecture importance. This walk gives opportunity to walk through narrow lanes of the old city and experience devotional waves under the marvelious piece of  Indian architecture   

Download Broucher of Various Heritage Walks Of Historic CIty Of Ahmedabad

  1. Heritage Walk Of Ahmedabad 
  2. Jain Heitage Walk 
  3. Arts & Craft Walk 
  4. Kranti Walk (Freedom Walk)