The Manekchowk Initiative

" The Manekchowk Initiative" - Revitalisation of A Historic City Centre.

 Manek Chowk perfect place to start a revitalization plan as it represents the sprit of Ahmedabad city in time and culture. A perfect example of inner city with high economic potential due to the unique gold market. Beautiful Historical buildings adjacent with dynamic street markets of Ahmedabad. This combination is one of the perfect ingredients to make the project very successful and sustainable.

"The Manek Chowk Initiative” - Revitalising A Historic City Centre can be one example of  implementation of projects suggested for heritage led regeneration and inclusive growth.  Rejuvenation of the Historic City Centre is not only a way to get healthy neighbourhoods, but is also a way to give opportunity to local communities to become competitive and make a socioeconomic impact. The impact not only gives impetus to the new economy but also profoundly deepens cultural and traditional roots of the new society. 
Main Goal
Get better the living conditions and economic environment of the Manek Chowk citizens by showcasing 'Manek Chowk' in way that makes the entire city proud of this historic city centre and makes it a compulsive choice to visit, shop and spend quality time with family and friends.
Secondary Goals
  1. Improve the visibility of the City Center in general. Improve the perception of The City Centre and create a distinct identity.
  2. Continue to support the diverse economic sectors in the City Centre.
  3. Help the business community to take advantage of the Brand "Manek chowk" by working on cleanliness, uniform sign ages and making the over all area attractive and more pleseant.
  4. Rehabilitation of traffic and vehicle parking, prioritising pedestrian areas. Contribute to improve the use and enjoyment of pedestrian areas inside this important historic quarter of the city.
  5. Improvements of urban ornamentation by planting trees, installating new urban furniture and adequate lighting. Special lighting of the historic buildings to make the city centre attractive for the night markets.
  6. Protect and enhance the residential neighborhoods in the City Centre.
  7. Protect and enhance the natural features and open space in the City Centre and improve public access to and connections. Create a space that is a reflection of the culture and history of Ahmedabad, an example of how tradition and modernity can go hand in hand.
  8. Manek Chowk to Incorporate cultural visit and everyday life of the city of Ahmedabad.