Heritage Properties LLP

The recent trend of having modern dwellings inside resorted heritage properties ideal for Bed & Breakfasts, boutique hotels and student hostel supported by the new heritage policy is finding interests for specific groups as investment opportunities. Recognizing this trend City Heritage Center with goal of preserving the heritage is offering opportunity to invest in restored buildings to be used for Bed and Breakfast, hostels, Long stay, service apartments, Low cost rooms in unique setting as the new choice to live in inner city when visiting/working/studying in Ahmedabad. Significant awareness drives and constant campaign by media and various citizen groups for promotion of heritage in the inner city to people increase the probability to maintain a high occupancy rate and above average profits. 
CHC heritage properties LLP seeks to bridge the gap between the efficiency with scale of market-based approach and the preservation of heritage with socio economic impact by profitable investments in the historic inner city of Ahmedabad.

Poised with the "First mover advantage “ and decade long experience of promoters in real estate development brings forth skills to ensure due diligence on all the key aspects in property development. 
Protect investors interest due strong local networks and market presence. Adhering to all legal proceedings ,clean ownership titles , heritage laws and development permissions from competent authority. All clearance and licenses for proposed adaptive reuse. 
Traditional Designs and inputs to make unique products and most important  access to potential  clients end users and target groups reduce  risk , Increased Cash flow and  ROI.
Structure to  protect  long term ownerships,  Tax benefits and Easy Exit 
Creating double bottom line impact 
  1. Supply of restored properties in market acting as a catalyst and demonstration for the local residents to value their ancestral homes and go for similar preservation.
  2. To give employment to local residents and boost to local business.
  3. B&B and similar revenue models to give opportunity to residents as source of income from their homes increase consciousness for maintaining heritage properties, pols and square.
  4. Localities become anti for illegal construction/demolition of heritage property. MOST vital factor for heritage preservation.
  5. Heritage building restoration will attract craftsman and back to work on restoration projects to prevent the traditional arts from dying.
  6. Appreciation of Heritage property after restoration will encourage banks/financial institute to launch special product for heritage house repairing loans/micro finance  solving a major national problem.
  7. Such developments make the ‘pol’ atmosphere more pleasant and clean. Better environment to live, cleaner and hygienic.  Encourage localities to modernize their heritage homes and continue to live in the ancestral houses rather then migrating to new developments. This will preserve the social fabric and the intangible heritage.
  8. Preserved heritage Inner cities become the face of new towns and a source of pride for all citizens.