School Heritage Program

Learning School Subjects through Heritage Walk & Other Heritage Resources: A value addition to the existing school curriculum
Recently there has been significant progress in realizing the importance of heritage education beginning at an early age. The significance and approaches has been not only for the mere sake of knowing heritage, but pursuing heritage as context to learn various disciplinary knowledge, i.e. history, geography, social science, natural science, technology and so on. As a matter of fact, the government and educational boards like CBSE has already launched some programme to promote heritage education in schools including the celebration of World Heritage Day, Adopt-a-Monument programme and functioning of Heritage School Clubs. It is in this regard that the City Heritage Centre - with academic assistance from the Centre for Heritage Management of Ahmedabad University, has developed a local context based heritage education programme for schools in Ahmedabad and surrounding region. 
  1. To connect the school students with the great learning resources that is available in their own city and neighborhoods, 
  2. To promote heritage resources including the old city neighborhoods as complimentary to school classrooms for facilitating various disciplinary learning, 
  3. To make the students, faculty as well as the parents aware of our heritage, and to encourage them to take pride in our collective heritage.