Mehta’s House: History to be preserved in time

The house of Mr. Priyadarshan Mehta is located in one of the well-maintained pol of Ahmedabad Desai Ni Pol. The grandfather of Mr.Priyadarshan Mr. Dahyabhai Mehta built this house. Mr.Dahyabhai Mehta was a lawyer and Diwan (Chief Minister) of some of the princely states that existed in India before independence. Mr. Dahyabhai used to meet distinguished visitors in this house. One of them was Swami Vivekananda. During the freedom struggle many famous national leaders, such as Gandhiji visited this house. 
This property requires restoration. An adaptive reuse plan of this house to recreate the past glory of this house, museum to display the traditions, culture and living in those time, a time capsule and display of the history and also rooms for guest and students is planned to make a sustainable model.